Interface Kit

Comprehensive Yosemite UI Kit Drawn in Sketch 3

The most comprehensive UI Kit of OS X Yosemite you ever find.

Sketch 3.0.3 Update Is Now Available

Latest Sketch Update 3.0.3 is now available.

Framer Generator Now Support Sketch

FramerJS is a prototyping tool, now its generator app support Sketch.
Interface Kit

Safari Browser Mockup

Safari browser mockup from the latest OS X Yosemite. Grab the files now.

Day Player Plugin: Create Placeholder Image in Any Size You Want

Interface Kit

Sketch Foundation 5 UI Kit

Foundation 5 UI kit made for Sketch by Stephen Way.

Leather Letter Press Style

Easy letter press text style with leather background. The leather pattern is available in Sketch pattern

How To Fix Outlines Text Problem

A working workaround to fix holes when you outlines text in Sketch.

Sketch Update 2.4.3: SVG Improvement and Other Fixes

Update Sketch 2.4.3 is now available. A lot of fixes!

Upload Design Preview to Cloud App Directly From Sketch

With this plugin, you can upload your design preview to cloud app from sketch.