Sketch Toolkit Window

Manage Your Sketch Plugin with Sketch Toolbox

Sketch Plugin are great little tools that can make your work easier and faster. Obtain and installing the plugins is very easy. The problem arise when the plugin author updated the plugin. It’s imposible for us (the users) to check every plugin’s author website or Github page to check any update.

This is where Sketch Toolbox comes to make things easier. Basically it’s an app that catalog Sketch plugins in a single window and will automatically keeps your plugins up to date. Sketch Toolbox will only update plugins that were installed by it.

Installed tab listing installed Sketch plugins
Installed tab listing installed Sketch plugins

Sketch Toolbox is a promising application to manage scattered Sketch plugins. If you haven’t used it, I really recomended you try it now.

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Sketch 3

Sketch 3.0.3 Update Is Now Available

There was a nasty text bug in Sketch 3.0.2 that gives frustations to a lot of peoples. Good news, that bug is squashed in version 3.0.3.

Full update log of Sketch 3.0.3:

  • Fixes a bug where text could disappear or appear cut off during editing
  • Fixes a possible crash during exporting
  • Fixes a bug where the Inspector could shrink after opening color popover
  • Fixes a bug where pasting an image from another document could have it end up in the wrong artboard
  • Fixes a bug where Wacom tablets could cause problems with Text Editing
  • Fixes a bug where copying image files from the finder could pick their icon, instead of the contents of the file itself
  • Layout an Square Grid are now two separate overlays which can be enabled at the same time and can be on or off per artboard
  • Fixes a bug where pasted text could appear at semi-random locations on the canvas
  • Fixes a bug where snapping with the vector tool in an artboard would be inaccurate
  • Fixes a bug where editing shapes would not work when the grid was visible
  • Fixes the inaccurate description tag in SVG export
  • Fixes a bug where slices dragged from the export preview would be in the wrong format
  • When opening an existing document any existing empty documents will be closed in the process
  • Uppercase and Lowercase commands work on subranges of text now as well
  • Fixes a bug in The View › Show Slices and View › Show Layers menu item
  • Fixes a bug where text attribute might not sync to other text layers during text editing
  • Fixes a bug in crash reporting
  • Scripting: Redesigned scripting window with output logging for easier debugging
  • Scripting: Adds a command to run the last script again

Fire up App Store to get the update now.

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FrammerJS Support Sketch

Framer Generator Now Support Sketch

Good news for Framer and Sketch users. The latest Framer beta support Sketch, but you need to have Sketch Beta. Acquiring Sketch Beta is free, as long as you have already bought Sketch from App Store or Bohemian Coding websites.

There are various issue with Framer Generator for Sketch, it’s expected as its in early beta. Koen Bok listed current issue and workaround fix on his Facebook:

  • You need Sketch Beta for this to work:
  • Your Sketch file needs to be saved (once) before you run Framer Generator
  • Multiple Pages are not supported. Use Artboards instead.
  • Multiple Artboards are supported, but only the first one will be visible. You’ll need to enable visibility in your code. For your convenience, the position for all Artboard is set to {0,0} on export, so you can easily use them for i.e: state switching.

If you are ready for constant crash (mine does), grab Framer Generator with Sketch support versino 3.0.29.

Frammer Generator Window

If you are new to Framer, visit Sketch Framer Git Hub page, and FramerJS site for documentation.

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Safari OS X Yosemite Mockup

Safari Browser Mockup

New version of Safari in OS X Yosemite is quite interesting. I have been waiting for its new features for ages. Also the user interface was expected but there are something not quite right. For example the traffic light in current build is not perfectly middle aligned, also the Back and Forward button is not fused. In the .sketch file, I’ve aligned the traffic light, and it’s looks so much balanced.

Oh, did I mention the file is in @2x resolution? Yep!

Safari OS X 10 Yosemite (1484 downloads)

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Day Player Plugin: Create Placeholder Image in Any Size You Want

Day Player Plugin: Create Placeholder Image in Any Size You Want

I must say it’s a wierd name for a Sketch plugin. Day Player is a plugin for creating place holder images from several web services, each service gives different image type. Currently, Day Player support these services:

  • Display a gray placholder with pixel size described on the image
  • LoremPixel. Support various selection of stock image categories, such as: abstract, animals, food, or sport, in color or gray image.
  • Fill Murray. Generate Bill Murray image, no need further explanation.
  • PlaceCage. Generate Nicolas Cage image.

You will need at least Sketch 3.0.2 to use Day Player. Install it just like other Sketch Plugin.

The difference from other image generator plugin, Day Player has setting window for setting up the type of image and sizes.

Day Player was created by Tyler Gaw. Also check out Skribbble, another Sketch plugin he created that fetch Dribbble shot into Sketch.

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Foundation 5 Kit for Sketch

Sketch Foundation 5 UI Kit

When I asked my front end developer developers, what is the most popular UI framework? They anwser is Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation 5.

Twitter Bootstrap UI Framework available in Sketch format created by Alex from Alterplay.

Good news for Foundation 5 fans, Sketch format now available. Created by Stephen Way (@stephenway). So yeah, download Sketch Foundation 5.

Foundation 5 Kit for Sketch

Foundation 5 Kit for Sketch


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How To Fix Outlines Text Problem

How To Fix Outlines Text Problem

There are plenty of problem with Sketch’s text rendering. There’s also problem with converting text into vector with Covert to Outlines feauter. And, this is how to fix it.


The Problem That Shouldn’t Have Exist

Just like any other vector app out there, Sketch able to convert text into vector. If you convert San Serif or Serif font with wide character space, the result should be fine. But, if you convert Script font where each letter connected on each other, there’s lies the problem.

How To Fix Outlines Text Problem

The outlined text has a gaping hole between letters that are connected. For early adopter of Sketch, this can be frustating. The problem is caused by boolean operation choosen by Sketch. Sketch use Difference boolean as default for every outlined text.

The Workaround

To fill the hole and fix the outlines problem, you have to edit the boolean on each letter into Union boolean. Do it for all letters that are connected, you have to do it manually.

How To Fix Outlines Text Problem

This problem exist since early version, maybe it’s already on BohemianCoding bug tracker. In theory, Sketch must decide intelegently which boolean operation to choose. If a letter overlapped, choose Union, if it’s not choose Difference.

I hope the outlines text problem will be fixed in future version of Sketch.

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Sketch Update 2.4.3: SVG Improvement and other Fix

Sketch Update 2.4.3: SVG Improvement and Other Fixes

If you are using Sketch App Store, there’s new update available contain some minor improvements and various bug fixes. Here are the update log from the app store:

  • Improvements to SVG importing
  • Fixes a bug where Artboard origins would appear at 0,0
  • Improves security when storing documents in DropBox
  • Various bug fixes

There are more logs in Sketch 2.4.3 welcome window as shown below.

Sketch Update 2.4.3: SVG Improvement and other Fix

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